David, Webmaster and this Website!

Greetings, I’m David E Ros, Editor, Computer User and Webmaster Owner,

I live in beautiful, glamorous Southern California, “The Golden State” in a mostly quiet neighborhood.
I enjoy collecting, using and operating working PC’s, Workstations, Laptops, Netbooks, etc.
I also enjoy listening to music on my PC’S.

I may publish topics related to PC reviews, issues, etc. written by myself, David E Ros, Editor, Computer User and Webmaster Owner on this website “Computer-Tech-Information.com”.
I may also publish freely distributed YouTube.com videos.
YouTube.com clears the copyright objections if YouTube.com receives any complaints and thus freeing a private publisher like me to use their video insertion options on this website.
Sometimes the publisher of a video on YouTube.com removes their video from being inserted on privately published websites of additional persons or YouTube.com receive a complaint that copyright owner of the video is objecting to its publication on YouTube.com so therefore YouTube.com removes the video from their website. The removed YouTube.com video is not viewable on a registered YouTube.com member’s website.
The freely distributed videos from YouTube.com can be published on separate private websites unless the copyright owner contacts YouTube.com and possibly the aforementioned private website publisher about his video free distributions, supplies reasons of his objections and basis of his ownership of the video to YouTube.com and possibly to the private website publisher.
I usually replace deleted videos with new YouTube.com videos when I have time available.
Many YouTube.com videos, etc., permit downloading as the law actually permits to those individuals with privileges to collect freely distributed products, merchandise and freely redistribute those items however the resale distribution rights and manufacturing for resale rights belong to the owner of those products, merchandise like music videos.
Listening, viewing videos is a fun past time and muse as you work on additional moderate tasks.
I believe that freely published videos help me decide which activities that I may be interested in pursuing and the YouTube.com music videos help me decide the music CD’s I want to purchase for my collections.
I also have many ADDITIONAL hobbies which include spending my time to be enjoyable.
I also like looking for a good deal based on the circumstances.
I like the internet very much just like many of you for the shopping comparisons, purchasing ease and the valuable research tool that the internet is. However, some of the internet’s published information is not correct or factual, etc. Please be careful when you read to discover the facts, etc.
I also like natural treasures such as the National Park systems, etc.
Most of my hobbies like photography, PC work and working PC collecting, music, sightseeing, traveling, treasure hunting and additional collecting like treasure hunting books, magazines, etc. are for enjoyable times.

For quick access to the additional sub-webpages of this “David, Webmaster and this Website!” webpage, I’ve made a quick access URL link listing in my order and they are listed below.

Happy computing and reading this website,
David E Ros, Editor, Computer User and Webmaster Owner
Published on: Jan 27, 2020 at 03:43
Revised: 3-22-2020

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What’s new on Computer-Tech-Information.com? P. 1 of 1

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I’m not available for Freelance Projects and/or Consultations

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5. Original California Poetry & Stories written by David E Ros

Original California Poetry & Stories by David E Ros

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